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Through the Pathway Innovation Fund, Contour Housing has been contracted by the Oldham/Rochdale pathfinder to carry out a two-year philosophy for communities project (P4C).  The project is now half way through and 3 events have been carried out with St Mary’s and Coldhurst residents.  Evaluation of year one of the project has been carried out by Newcastle University and a  report has been written.

 Phase 2 of the project concentrates on eight sessions Alt (Oldham) and four sessions in Kirkholt in Rochdale. An intergenerational mixture of participants will be recruited and sessions will take pace November-March 2008.


 About me: 

My name is Sam. I am a Philosophical enquiry facilitator at Contour Housing Group.  If you are interested in Philosophy for Communities you can contact me via email:




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Glad to see you still so enthused Sam, I have passed your link onto the Oldham P4C lead, hopefully more people might look in on you.

A Thought for you to consider; Can I ever be having no thoughts at all? Is it possible for other people to think my thoughts with me? Is it better to have a few really nice thoughts oe lots of thoughts.

Comment by Emma Holton

Interesting comment about whether we can ever have no thoughts at all. Practising yoga is very much about calming the mind and “being” rather than having thoughts crossing your mind.
Yogis might say this state is possible but is probably only for a short period of time !, if my experience is typical.

Comment by james

No thoughts at all James? With all those pretty ladies in the office?!

Anyway – proper philosophy thought.
The story about the gentleman crushed to death by a Walmart crowd desperate for discounted goods
made me think of the comparisons to people in the 3rd world crushed to death when trying to get food aid –

Is the credit crunch the First World’s famine?

Comment by Paul Adamson

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